Friday, October 26, 2012

Parsley pesto on olive sourdough...of course!

Oh wow this was the yummiest spread ever! I was given 2 bags of parsley picked fresh from one of our gardens somewhere. 2 shopping bags! Huge amounts of green goodness...mmmmmmm...

I had some walnuts in the cupboard so I googled "parsley and walnuts" and this is what I got...omg mine looks so much nicer than theirs. I used about 1.5 times the parsley and didn't toast the walnuts so it was much creamier. I would suggest using a bit less parmesan as it was quite rich.

La Madre Bakery from Geeeeeeelong make about the best olive sourdough I have had but their other breads are also great. Really quality artisan bread that doesn't sit heavy.

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